Data in Brief

July 2024

Data in Brief: Internal Medicine Resident to Faculty Ratios and Salary Support

This month’s Data in Brief illustrates residency program size as a ratio of resident to Associate Program Directors (APDs) and Core Faculty. Although the ratio of resident positions to APDs is consistent by program type, university-based programs have more approved positions per core faculty and core faculty FTE salary support than other program types.

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Data in Brief

Data in Brief highlights key and timely results gathered by recent Alliance survey and scholarship committee data gathering. Watch for a monthly email with new featured data. 

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The ratio of approved internal medicine resident positions to associate program directors (APDs) is consistent between university-based programs and all other program types. University-based programs have more approved resident positions per core faculty and core faculty full-time equivalent (FTE) salary support than other program types. 

Source: 2023 APDIM Annual Survey of Internal Medicine Residency Program Directors

Note: n is the number of survey respondents; 21 respondents reported “0” FTE salary support for core faculty (n=247).

^p<0.05; Two-sample Wilcoxon rank-sum (Mann–Whitney–U) test.

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