Call for Submissions

Call for Workshops and Poster Abstracts

Submissions for workshops and/or poster abstracts for Academic Internal Medicine Week 2024 is now closed

Please contact with questions.

Academic Internal Medicine Week 2024

Call for Workshops:
July 17-August 18

Call for Poster Abstracts:
September 11-29

Workshop and Poster Abstract Content Tracks

  1. Accreditation
    (Competencies, Milestones, Self-study, ACGME, LCME, Duty Hours, ADS, CLER)
  2. Administration
    (Recruitment/Onboarding/Graduation/Other, Hospital Administration, Chief Residency, Mentorship/Career Development/Remediation)
  3. Business of Medicine
    (Budgets, Comp Plans, Funds Flow, Grants Administration, RVUs, Service Lines)
  4. Curriculum
    (Skills Development, Evaluation and Feedback, Rounds/Teaching Conferences, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Advocating for Patients and Policies, Ambulatory)
  5. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    (Social Justice, Training, Teaching, Cultural Competency, Recruitment, Patient Care, Bystander Training)
  6. Faculty Development
    (Evaluation and Feedback, Recruitment, Retention, Promotion, Teaching and Learning Theory, Scholarship, Leadership/Mentoring)
  7. Learner Transitions
    (Application Inflation, Interviews, ILP, SEL, Post-Interview Comms, Fellowship Start Date, Match, Recruitment)
  8. Practice of Medicine
    (Practice Management, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety)
  9. Research
    (General, Medical Education Research, Grant Writing, Biomedical Research, Physician Scientist Training, Pipeline Issues)
  10. Technology and Innovation
    (Simulation, Big Data, EHR, Virtual Training, Gaming, Procedures, Artificial Intelligence, POCUS)
  11. Wellness
    (Burnout, Fatigue Management, Learners At-Risk, Career Transitions, Coaching, Self-Care)