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AAIM Perspectives

AAIM is the official sponsor of The American Journal of Medicine. Each issue includes AAIM Perspectives, articles that provide interesting perspectives on medical education, policy initiatives, and other issues of interest to physicians and staff in academic internal medicine.

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Publications for Faculty



The new edition of A Textbook for Internal Medicine Education Programs features more than 10 new chapters and 35 revised chapters.  Buy your copy (print or Kindle) on Amazon today!

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Guidebook for Clerkship Directors

Guidebook for Clerkship Directors

New: Fifth edition now available! CDIM is a major contributor to the Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE) Guidebook for Clerkship Directors. The book offers advice and practical solutions to the issues that affect clerkship directors across disciplines, including orientation, curriculum, evaluation, instructional strategies, role of the director and administrator, and faculty and career development.

The fifth edition is available as a print book from Gengensatz Press for $55. The Kindle version of the fourth edition is $19.99 and can be ordered from Amazon.

MPPDA Textbook

MPPDA is pleased to introduce A Textbook for Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Training Programs. The first of its kind, this textbook is a hands on resource is designed for both med-peds and categorical program faculty and staff. It includes more than 35 chapters (view the table of contents) written by key leaders in med-peds training programs to cover the gamut of challenges faced by combined training programs. 

This book can be purchased on Amazon in print or Kindle formats.

Discounts are available for bulk orders (more than 10 copies).  Please contact for more information.

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Publications for Physicians-in-Training

The Toolkit Series: A Textbook for Today's Chief Medical Resident

The Toolkit Series: A Textbook for Today's Chief Medical Resident

The 25th edition of A Textbook for Today's Chief Medical Resident is a vital reference for new chief residents—for internal medicine and beyond.

Providing advice on the multiple roles of a chief resident—administrator, educator, mentor, and counselor—this "major revision" edition features chapters on:

  • Optimizing email communication
  • Teaching procedural skills
  • Duty hour regulations
  • Resilience strategies
  • Resident fatigue interventions

The 25th edition is now available for $85 per copy. This book is available for sale on Amazon now! Discounts on bulk purchases (greater than 10 books) are available through the AAIM office at

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Primer to the Internal Medicine Clerkship

Primer to the Internal Medicine Clerkship

Designed to provide “tried and true” approaches to help students succeed on the internal medicine clerkship, CDIM’s Primer to the Internal Medicine Clerkship, Second Edition is now freely available for distribution to students starting their clerkships. The Primer addresses subjects such as performing histories and physical examinations, building differential diagnoses, working productively with outpatient preceptors, and exemplifying professionalism. CDIM encourages wide distribution and reproduction of the Primer; an Adobe Acrobat version is available below. A Microsoft Word version, suitable for tailoring for individual clerkships, is also available.

Internal Medicine Sub-Internship Curriculum 2.0

This new sub-internship curriculum is a practical evidence-based curricular toolkit to improve intern readiness. Developed by the AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee, the curriculum integrates internal medicine program director perspectives to prioritize core skills and EPAs most relevant to internal medicine residency. Each chapter provides literature reviews, learning objectives, and tools for sub-internship directors. First published in 2002, this revised document reflects the most salient issues in medical school to residency transitions.

Complete Curriculum:

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Student Guide to Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Training

This publication provides students information about the history and mechanics of combined internal medicine-pediatrics residency as well as the training and career opportunities available to future med-peds physicians.

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Publications for Staff

An Administrator's Guide to Departments of Internal Medicine

An Administrator's Guide to Departments of Internal Medicine

An Administrator's Guide to Departments of Internal Medicine serves as the seminal reference for the issues a new administrator will encounter in academic internal medicine. Completely revised for the brand new fifth edition—released in August 2017—with short, well-organized chapters and lots of quick reference material, the book is vital on the shelf of any new administrator, at any level. The new edition includes content on:

  • The Language of Academic Internal Medicine
  • Comparing and Contrasting Departments of Internal Medicine
  • Research Administration
  • Faculty Affairs
  • New Supervisors Top 10
  • Division Strategic Planning

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This book can be purchased on Amazon in print or Kindle format. Discounts are available for bulk print orders (more than 10 copies). Please contact for more information.

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Clerkship Administrator’s Guide on Medical Education Administration

Developed by the CDIM CA Survey and Scholarship Committee, the newest edition of the Guide provides a comprehensive overview of two topics:  Organizational Management, Structure and Leadership and Grading and Descriptive Assessments of Learner Competency. The content features samples and other resources that can easily be customized for your clerkship.

Released in 2021, the Guide is downloadable in Adobe Acrobat format.

The Guide is not a product of nor endorsed by CDIM or the Alliance.