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Ms. Sheila Costa

Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine

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The T is for terrible.

Under the rubric of special projects, Sheila oversees efforts for governance, communications and marketing, webinars, external support, and odd jobs, such as contract review and keeping the executive office in check.

Sheila is an INTJ who seeks first to understand, thinks win-win, and is a compromising conflict manager.  She is a writer and editor by talent, temperament, and trade, but it's organizing and building systems that brings her joy.  In the words of her Facebook profile, "I get things done."

In her spare time, Sheila enjoys blackwork and sashiko embroidery, writing half-finished novels, playing let's pretend with her nieces and nephews, watching movies, singing pop songs, and reading three books per week, usually novels with little literary merit.  She loves cookbooks and cooking shows, but is not a big fan of cooking dinner at the end of a long day.  She also loves to alphabetize things and to take three-week vacations to exotic locales such as Ireland, Japan, Spain, and Southeast Asia.

It has been her great pleasure to serve the members of AAIM and its constituent organizations for 25 years.