AAIM Connection March 26, 2020: ACGME Covid-19 Extraordinary Circumstances Policy


ACGME Announces New Status for Institutions in Response to COVID-19

ACGME has developed a new modification to its Extraordinary Circumstances policy enabling Sponsoring Institutions to declare a Pandemic Emergency Status. The circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their continued evolution, require a new conceptual framework from which GME can effectively operate. To explain this new framework and provide guidance and response to questions from the community, ACGME has created a section of the website dedicated to information about ACGME Requirements during this pandemic.

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AAMC Seeks New and Adapted Clinical Learning Experiences

As medical and health profession educators are responding to this pandemic with new or adapted learning experiences that can be done without patient contact during COVID-19, AAMC is creating a new free and open resource repository that will allow for agile sharing and disseminating of these educational approaches.

AAMC is particularly interested in submissions of learning experiences that support patient care, but may not necessarily involve direct patient contact. Examples of appropriate resources may include a description with or without supplements, such as checklists, worksheets, lesson plans, cases, or lecture outlines. Existing electives on diverse topics that have or can be adapted for online or remote completion are also welcome. If you have exemplars to share, please send email to curricularinnovation@aamc.org.

The specific inclusion criteria for this collection includes:

  • Describes experiences or activities that represent a structured learning experience (or can be readily designed as such)
  • Does not involve physical contact with patients
  • Can be offered virtually in real time and/or asynchronously
  • Can be offered with or without peers and/or facilitation
  • Objectives are focused on skills with clinical relevance in broad competency areas
  • Adhere to the Creative Commons License Attribution - Non Commercial

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AAIM Announces FY 2021 Board Officers

The Alliance is pleased to announce the officers of the FY 2021 AAIM Board of Directors:


L. James Nixon, MD
University of Minnesota Medical School

Vice Chair

Shobhina G. Chheda, MD, MPH
University of Wisconsin Medical School

Secretary-Treasurer (AAIM Finance and Audit Committee Chair)

Melvin S. Blanchard, MD
Greater Baltimore Medical Center

The AAIM Governance Committee approved a slate of candidates for FY 2021 AAIM Board Officers; the slate of candidates was presented to the AAIM Board of Directors for election and the ballot was closed March 18.

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Committee Highlight

Inappropriate communication during GME recruitment continues to be a problem despite clear prohibitions and potential consequences. Prompted by these concerns, committee members conducted two studies to assess the frequency of highly personal inquiries. The studies confirmed that questions of an intense personal nature are a common feature of the interview experience. In response to these trends, AAIM established a task force to create a single set of guidelines for GME recruitment