Interview and Post-Interview Communication Guidelines for GME

AAIM Releases Interview and Post-Interview Communication Guidelines for GME IM

The Alliance has adopted the guidelines for communication related to graduate medical education recruitment in internal medicine. The three main components include a program statement, annual training, and structured initial communication with applications. Developed by a work group with representation from ASP Council, APDIM Council, and the AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee, these guidelines seek to overcome current challenges with inappropriate communication, transparency, and trust in internal medicine recruitment, as noted in recent studies. (1,2)

To assist with faculty development in a time of constrained resources, the Alliance has provided training templates, including a PowerPoint for annual training, FAQs, role-playing scripts, and an attestation form. Program statements address stances on adherence to standards, applicants’ expectations for on-site communication, post-interview communication protocols, and second looks. Programs are strongly encouraged to read the policy and make adjustments to improve the recruitment experience for residency and fellowship applicants in internal medicine. 

1—Cornett PA, Williams C, Alweis RL, et al. Problematic communications during 2016 fellowship recruitment in internal medicine. J Community Hosp Intern Med Perspect. 2017;7(5):277–281. Published 2017 Oct 18. doi:10.1080/20009666.2017.1381546

2—Williams, CM, Alweis, RL, et al. Inappropriate Communication During Internal Medicine Fellowship Recruitment: A Mixed-Methods Analysis. Am J Med. 2019. June 2019. 


The Alliance thanks the guidelines work group:

  • Richard L. Alweis, MD, Co-Chair
  • Elaine Muchmore, MD, Co-Chair
  • Jonathan S. Appelbaum, MD
  • Steven V. Angus, MD, FACP
  • Analia Castiglioni, MD
  • Patricia A. Cornett, MD
  • Joseph DeSimone, Jr., MD
  • Michael Frank, MD
  • Harley P. Friedman, MD
  • Scott J. Gilbert, MD, FASN
  • Nadia J. Ismail, MD, MPH, MEd
  • Richard I. Kopelman, MD
  • Solomon Liao, MD, FAAHPM
  • Vera P. Luther, MD
  • Srikanth Nagalla, MD
  • Kendall L. Novoa-Takara, MD
  • Jaya M. Raj, MD, FACP
  • Teresa K. Roth
  • Nirav G. Shah, MD, FCCP
  • Debra L. Simmons, MD, MS, FACE, FACP