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Resident Well-Being: Development and Validation of an Assessment System

The project team proposed to validate a system of tools designed to assess and monitor resident well-being. The team employed a comprehensive approach to assessing well-being - via a general self-report assessment scale collected yearly, a weekly self-report item collected with duty hours,...


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Understanding the Process of Taking Ownership

Links: Kinetic text video on YouTube, Journal of Teaching and Learning in Medicine The objective of this study is to better understand the processes involved when medical students “take ownership” in the third year of medical school. In a pilot study conducted in September 2015 at GRU,...


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Cap Assisted Colonoscopy and Quality Based Competency in Colonoscopy among Trainees

The project is a single center, prospective, randomized controlled trial of colonoscopies performed by GI trainees to determine if cap assisted colonoscopy results in improved technical and quality measures of competency in novice endoscopy trainees. Cap assisted colonoscopy resulted in...


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Reducing Unnecessary Chest X-Rays: A Housestaff-led Initiative to Implement Choosing Wisely Recommendations in Intensive Care Units

Vanderbilt’s Housestaff Choosing Wisely Steering Committee launched an initiative to reduce unnecessary daily chest x-rays (CXRs) in clinically stable intensive care unit patients which included resident education, developing promotional materials, and providing weekly data feedback to...

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