AAIM Statement on Racial Injustice

AAIM Supports African-American Internists, Staff, Learners, and Community

AAIM expresses its horror and sadness in agreement with the rest of the world at the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. For our African-American colleagues, this is a predictable fact of life reflecting several hundred years of history of unchecked police power and judicial authority.  We are witnessing a tragic failure of a democratic society wherein African-Americans are continually and systematically treated unfairly, with overt discrimination, and must fear for their very existence.

The Alliance speaks out today to add its support for the rights of all African-American individuals to be treated in an equal and just manner and to reiterate its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. 

AAIM condemns the historical and recent violence and discrimination imposed upon the African-American community in the United States, and specifically the recent incidents involving George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

The Alliance is committed to equity and justice and stands firmly with our African-American faculty, staff, learners, and the entire African-American community, in support of the right to live free of racism. 

The Alliance is a community that is strengthened by adversity; our member community always rises together to meet the challenges.  AAIM encourages you to share your feedback, narratives, and ideas for change in the AAIM Diversity and Inclusion Community discussion forum as well as in the association forums to begin open and honest conversation about what is happening in our nation and our member institutions, to learn from each other, and to consider what we as an organization can do to work for justice.

nixon.jpgL. James Nixon, MD, MHPE
Chair, AAIM Board of Directors
braterSig.jpgD. Craig Brater, MD
AAIM President and CEO

Bergitta E. Cotroneo, FACMPE
Deputy Chief Executive Officer and EVP

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