AAIM Welcomes Osteopathic Institutions to Membership

AAIM Welcomes Osteopathic Institutions to Membership

Beginning July 1, 2022, AAIM will invite departments of internal medicine at Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation-accredited medical schools to join as institutional members of the Alliance. AAIM leaders look forward to continuing to diversify the perspectives found within the academic internal medicine community to promote “the advancement and professional development of its members who prepare the next generation of internal medicine physicians and leaders through education, research, engagement, and collaboration.”

Like all other Alliance member institutions, departments of internal medicine at COCA-accredited osteopathic medical schools can include an unlimited number of faculty and staff. Some of the key communities within the Alliance are:

  • Undergraduate medical educators, including clerkship directors, subinternship directors, and clinical medicine educators (CDIM)
  • Residency faculty, including program directors, associate program directors, and key faculty (APDIM)
  • Fellowship faculty, including fellowship and division leaders (ASP)
  • Business administrators, including chief administrative officers, department and division administrators, and clinical and research business leaders (AIM)
  • Educational administrators for clerkships (CDIM CA) and residency and fellowship programs (APDIM PA)

All individuals on an institution’s roster have access to all Alliance member benefits. 

Invoices and roster confirmations will be distributed in May for a July 1 start for FY 2023 membership. If your institution is not COCA accredited, you may qualify for individual membership.