Getting to Know Free Open Access Medical Education: How to Know What's Good & Use Them Effectively

When:  Jun 28, 2023 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

The rapid uptake of technology and near ubiquitous use of mobile devices has facilitated and accelerated innovative approaches to medical education. Free open-access medical education (FOAMed) tools (e.g. blogs, social media, online journal clubs, videos, games)  are rising as a preferred modality for learners and have been embraced by the medical community. Though social media dissemination of educational content enables broad uptake of these material, educators may not be familiar with FOAMed tools, how to appraise them, or effectively incorporate them into their teaching.


This webinar will introduce participants to a variety of FOAMed tools, including Core IM Podcast, NephSIM, and other SIM Series platforms (GI SIM, 20/20 SIM), Renal Fellow Network, and Liver Fellow Network, and NephMadness. Small groups will then be assigned one FOAMed tool to explore on their mobile devices and discuss what they perceive as “pros” and “cons” of the tool, apply an assessment tool, and finally brainstorm ways in which the tool can be incorporated into their teaching. The session will conclude with a large group discussion during which each small group will share their findings and session leaders will discuss attributes to look for when evaluating and appraising FOAMed tools.

Presenters:  Samira Farouk, MD, and Matthew Sparks, MD


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