Making Med Ed Research Less Murky: Intro to the AAIM Medical Education Research Committee

When:  Mar 21, 2024 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (ET)

Are you struggling with how to get your medical education research project off the ground?  Do you need advice on how to turn a project into a publication?  Are you a new faculty member and want to get more involved in med ed research?  If so, this webinar is for you!  
Join the leaders from the AAIM Medical Education Research Committee to learn what the committee can offer you and your institution.  The AAIM Medical Education Research Committee (MERC) is charged with developing and facilitating resources and tools that support AAIM membership in conducting medical education research. The committee seeks to empower and assist AAIM members in bringing their ideas to fruition, both for publication and for meaningful impact at their home institutions and the AAIM community. Please bring all of your medical education research questions! 

Speakers:  M. Hayes Baker, MD; Jill Patton, DO; Sheena CarlLee, MD; Amalia Landa-Galindez, MD


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