AAIM Supports Seven Program Signals for 2023-2024 Residency Application


The Alliance has been an integral part of the ERAS Supplemental Application Pilot in FY 2022 and FY 2023. As you may know, geographic preferences and the revised experiences section of the pilot will be fully integrated into the application for FY 2024.
Program signals are also being fully integrated into the MyERAS application for applicants in 2024, but due to the complexity of program signaling, each interested specialty was asked to explicitly agree to participate in program signals. After careful consideration, the Alliance has indicated that internal medicine will use program signaling in FY 2024; APDIM and CDIM leaders selected seven as the best number of program signals.
As leaders reviewed the available data about the two years of the pilot, they agreed that due to the variability of programs and applicants, there is no perfect number of signals that reflects the breadth of internal medicine. The decision to stay with seven signals also reflects consideration of DO and IMG applicants and inclusion of preliminary programs. Remaining consistent with the number of signals from the pilot will allow collection of longitudinal data.
AAIM highly encourages advisors to persuade students to use the seven signals accurately, including signaling home institutions and away rotations in which they are genuinely interested as well as discourage utilizing signals for “reach” schools. 
For additional information about the ERAS program signaling, please review:

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