Alliance Discourages Participation in the Doximity Survey


May 2022—AAIM discourages participation in the Doximity survey for the Residency Navigator tool because of the survey's flawed methodology and unscientific approach and the invalid data it yields. The Alliance is concerned about the potential harm the tool can cause, including misinformation that does not take into consideration the various factors that influence a student's "fit" into a training program.

The recent recommendations from the Coalition on Physician Accountability UME-GME Review Committee advocated the development of a database on residency programs with verifiable data that can be used by medical students. This recommendation reinforces the Alliance position in the past and present. The AAIM Program Attributes Definition Task Force is specifically addressing this need and is working with AAMC toward the ultimate goal of verifiable data for students that will serve as a reliable source about residency programs.

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