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Clinical Competency Committee

Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) faculty have a unique view of their assessment systems as they have to review all resident assessment data, determine the quality of that data, and synthesize it into judgements about residents’ achievement of the milestones. As such, it is essential that faculty who participate in the CCC, and in other aspects of the resident assessment process, be knowledgeable about the milestones, current assessment methods, interpretation of assessment data, and rater error, among other topics. It is also important that they have the ability to identify areas for improvement in the assessment process and to implement changes that will aid the CCC in tracking each resident’s progression in the milestones.

CCC Faculty Development Toolkit

The AAIM CCC Collaborative Learning Community identified and developed user friendly tools that programs can use to educate their core faculty and CCC members. Each module comes with Powerpoint slides that can be edited to suit your program and a guide for the facilitator/presenter.

Rater Feedback Training:

SWOT Workshop:

Art and Science of Resident Assessment:

Shift Cards in the Resident Outpatient Clinic:

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Proposal for a potential new sub-competency on “efficiency/executive function." 2016 Spring Conference Programmatic Innovation Poster: Reporting Milestones Opportunities: Feedback From the Field

CCC Milestone and Resident Feedback

The materials presented are intended to assist CCC faculty members in their preparation for resident review and completion of ACGME milestones ratings. This process includes reviewing the appropriate assessment data and preparing a summary presentation of each assigned resident during the CCC meeting. Program directors, CCC chairs, or others who may be responsible for providing faculty development on the CCC process, ACGME milestones, or resident assessment can use the tools, either in their original form or modified based on individual needs.

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CCC Resident Engagement

Heeding the advice that “resident and fellows must be active agents in the system,” from ACGME Clinical Competency Committees, A Guidebook for Programs, the AAIM CCC Collaborative Learning Community performed a multi-institution study regarding resident knowledge of CCC function and how they could be best engaged in the CCC. This material describes methods of resident engagement before, during, and after CCC meetings.

The objectives of the presentation are:

  1. Review requirements and rationale for resident engagement in CCCs
  2. Explore where residents see themselves in the engagement process
  3. Describe potential mechanisms for resident engagement before, during and after CCC deliberation
  4. Review successes and challenges in resident engagement

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Engaging Residents in the CCC Video

Clinical Competency Committee Collaborative Learning Community

Collaborative Learning Communities (CLCs) are defined groups with a commitment to shared goals, resources and responsibility and managed through collective authority and accountability.


This first CLC was created to optimize the process by which Clinical Competency Committees (CCC) report milestones. The mission of the collaborative was to develop efficient and effective ways to plan, lead, implement, and improve the CCCs in residency programs. It served as a laboratory in which members share successes and challenges, tested hypotheses, developed “out of the box” ideas for members, and learned from one another. The CLC reported its findings and recommendations to the AAIM Innovations Committee in July 2016.

Innovation Strategies

  • Applied process improvement to CCCs, i.e. SWOT analysis
  • Increased resident engagement in their milestones assessment either before or during the CCC meeting
  • Identified opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of milestones ratings scale and address areas of competency not included in the current framework
  • Developed faculty development workshops for core faculty to improve their understanding of the assessment tools which provide data to CCCs.

Conference Presentations and Publications

  • Hitting Your Milestones? Educational Theory versus Practical Reality (workshop at 2016 Skills Development Conference)
  • Helping Residents See, See, See what the CCC is all about: Resident Engagement in Clinical Competency Committees (workshop at 2016 Skills Development Conference)
  • Shift Cards in the Resident Outpatient Clinic--Providing feedback to residents and informing your Clinical Competency Committee (poster at 2016 Skills Development Conference)
  • Reporting Milestones Opportunities: Feedback from the Field (poster presentation at 2016 APDIM Spring Conference - abstract and poster)
  • Defending Your Portfolio: Resident Engagement in the Clinical Competency Assessment (workshop at 2016 APDIM Spring Conference)
  • Faculty Development for CCC’s: Getting the Most Out of Ratings and Raters (workshop at 2016 APDIM Spring Conference)
  • The Clinical Competency Committee Collaborative Learning Community: A Look Back (Academic Internal Medicine Insight, Volume 14, Issue 3)
  • The AAIM Clinical Competency Committee Collaborative Learning Community report (Academic Internal Medicine Insight, Volume 13, Issue 3)

CCC CLC Participants

J. Matthew Blackwell, MD
Carolinas Medical Center

Matthew Burday, MD
Christiana Care Health System

Jacqueline Darcey, MD
Morristown Medical Center

Andem E. Ekpenyong, MD (Co Chair)
Rush Medical College of Rush University

Nacide Ercan-Fang, MD
University of Minnesota Medical School

Jacqueline Fairchild, MD
Mercy Hospital

Kathleen Finn, MD
Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital

Richard Goodgame, MD
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Stephanie Halvorson, MD
Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Saba Hasan, MD
Capital Health Regional Medical Center

Jennifer Jeremiah, MD (Co Chair)
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Candice Mateja, MD
University of South Florida Health Morsani College of Medicine

Jaya Raj, MD
St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

Adam Treitman, MD
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago/Christ Hospital

Omar Vargas, MD
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Lauren Meade, MD (Facilitator)
Tufts University School of Medicine Baystate Medical Center


CCC Milestone & Resident Feedback Authors: 

  • J. Matthew Blackwell, MD
  • Jacqueline Fairchild, MD
  • Omar Vargas, MD

CCC Resident Engagement Authors:

  • Jacqueline Darcey, MD
  • Nacide Ercan-Fang, MD
  • Jennifer Jeremiah, MD
  • Candice Mateja, MD