AAIM Residency Research Pathways Directors Summit

An interactive summit for identifying best practices and continuous improvement strategies for physician-scientist training programs.


The Summit was held in conjunction with Academic Internal Medicine Week 2017, the national conference of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM). The goal was to identify best practices and continuous improvement strategies in key areas for accredited physician-scientist training programs. The outcomes from six focus areas are being developed into recommendations that will be published here and in print.


The physician-scientist plays a vital role in advancing medicine through the conduct of biomedical research. ABIM has established policies and requirements for integrated training in research and clinical medicine, however, there are no guidelines for structuring the programs to ensure success of graduates. The aim of this summit is to develop best practices in a number of key areas related to organization of these programs. Learn More »


The summit was fully attended by over 50 pathway directors, recent pathway graduates, AAIM leadership, and representation from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Learn More »

Summit Program & Outcomes

The Summit provided several plenaries covering topics ranging from the background to the future of the physician scientist training and workforce. Workshop-style breakout sessions allowed for highly interactive discussions to identify best practices in six major topic areas:

  • Success Factors and Tracking Success
  • Recruitment
  • Curriculum and Infrastructure
  • Mentorship
  • Funding
  • Continuous Improvement Strategies and Minimizing Attrition

Upon the conclusion of the Summit, AAIM compiled a summary highlighting best practices identified by Summit participants. The outcomes will be disseminated to internal medicine and biomedical research communities, in the form of a white paper, focused on best practices for physician-scientist training at the residency and fellowship level. Learn More »

Learn more about the AAIM Physician Scientist Initiative »

Summit Organizing Committee

The AAIM Research Pathways Directors Summit Planning workgroup is a subcommittee of the AAIM Research Committee, and is charged with the development and planning of the Summit. The following members were selected by the leadership of AAIM because of their significant contributions towards education of physician scientists at their own institutions and at the national level:

  • Melvin Blanchard, MD, Chair
  • Robert F. Todd, III, MD, PhD, Vice Chair
  • Mark W. Geraci, MD
  • Michael P. Madaio, MD
  • James D. Marsh, MD
  • Don C. Rockey, MD
  • Robert A. Salata, MD, AAIM Research Committee, Chair
  • Winston Tan, MD
  • Mone Zaidi, MD, PhD

Summit Details

March 22–23, 2017
Baltimore, MD

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

The AAIM Residency Research Pathways Directors Summit is being supported largely by a conference grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and, in part, by AAIM.

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