AAIM Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

AAIM Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter issued the first presidential proclamation for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. In this proclamation, President Carter spoke of the significant role Asian/Pacific Americans have played in the creation of a dynamic and pluralistic US society with their contributions to the sciences, arts, industry, government, and commerce. Eleven years later, in 1990, President George H.W. Bush issued the proclamation that designated May as the first “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.”

Persons of Asian or Pacific Islander descent account for more than 19% of the entire internal medicine workforce, more than 20% of medical school faculty in departments of internal medicine, and more than 21% of all medical school applicants. AAIM celebrates and supports the important work of Asian and Pacific Islander faculty, administrators, and learners, and the positive impact they have on their institutions and the patients they serve. 

Particularly as violence against individuals of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage is on the rise in the United States, the Alliance is committed to elevating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through initiatives outlined in the organization’s strategic plan, providing resources to members, ensuring practical professional development opportunities, and dedicating staff to execute this work. AAIM also strives to address DEI issues in medicine and in our society more broadly. 

Your feedback and ideas on how the organization can support the Asian American and Pacific Islander community is critical to future Alliance efforts. We encourage you to connect with leaders as well as your colleagues through the AAIM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion online discussion forum and the other member association forums.

The Alliance is Even Better Together.


nixon.jpgL. James Nixon, MD, MHPE
Chair, AAIM Board of Directors
braterSig.jpgD. Craig Brater, MD
AAIM President and CEO

Bergitta E. Cotroneo, FACMPE
Deputy Chief Executive Officer and EVP