AAIM Celebrates Women’s History Month 2021

AAIM Celebrates Women’s History Month 2021 

Women’s History Month has been celebrated nationally in the United States since 1981. In 1987, Congress passed Pub. L. 100-9 which officially designates March as Women’s History Month. With women comprising more than 50% of the membership, the Alliance is committed to supporting women faculty and administrators in advancing their careers through education, training, and leadership opportunities.  

In recognition of our own trailblazers, we honor and celebrate the first women to serve at the pinnacle of volunteer leadership in each of the five founding member organizations and on the AAIM Board of Directors:

  • AIM President Sandra Broder (1983)
  • APDIM President Eleanor Z. Wallace, MD (1988)
  • CDIM President Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, MD (1992)
  • APM President Barbara L Schuster, MD (2007)
  • ASP President Linda J. Burns, MD (2009)
  • AAIM Board of Directors Chair Lisa M. Bellini, MD (2013)

The commitment to excellence and contributions made by these women helped to pave the way for others to be recognized and serve as leaders across the Alliance. The work to advance women in departmental and institutional leadership, advocate for gender equity at all levels, and offer opportunities for professional development and growth is critical to the success of academic internal medicine, and health care in the United States.  

To that end, AAIM will continue to offer opportunities for women in medicine to grow professionally through education, volunteerism, and networking. Our strategic imperative to elevate initiatives that support diversity, inclusion, and equity brings a greater focus on the need to strengthen women, which in turn will help build a stronger academic medicine community.

The Alliance is Even Better Together. 


nixon.jpgL. James Nixon, MD, MHPE
Chair, AAIM Board of Directors
braterSig.jpgD. Craig Brater, MD
AAIM President and CEO

Bergitta E. Cotroneo, FACMPE
Deputy Chief Executive Officer and EVP