2019 Academic Internal Medicine Week

Call for Workshops

Academic Internal Medicine Week 2019 is the premier conference designed for faculty and staff in departments of internal medicine at medical schools and teaching hospitals, including: chairs and vice chairs, division chiefs, residency and fellowship program directors, associate program directors, clerkship directors, site directors, graduate and undergraduate administrators, division and department administrators, core faculty, and more.

The Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) invites you to submit a workshop proposal for Academic Internal Medicine Week 2019, which will take place April 14–17, 2019, at the Philadelphia Convention Center, in Philadelphia, PA.

Submit a workshop for:

  • 2019 APDIM Spring Meeting
  • 2019 APDIM Chief Residents Meeting
  • 2019 APDIM Program Administrators Meeting
  • 2019 CDIM National Meeting
  • 39th AIM Educational Conference

All workshops will be open to participants from across AAIM who register for any of the meetings listed above.  


Please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or educationalprograms@im.org with any questions.

Workshop Topics

 AAIM encourages multi-site, collaborative workshop proposals that provide community-based and university-based program perspectives.

  • Accreditation (Competencies/Milestones, Self-study, General)
  • Curriculum (Skills Development, Evaluation and Feedback, Rounds/Teaching Conferences, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Advocating for Patients and Policies, Burnout, Fatigue Mitigation, and Wellness)
  • Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs (Evaluation and Feedback, Recruitment, Retention, Promotion, Teaching and Learning Theory, Leadership/Mentoring)
  • Research (Medical Education Research, Biomedical Research, General)
  • Administration (Recruitment/Onboarding/Graduation/Other, Hospital Administration, Chief Residency, Mentorship/Career Development/Remediation, Practice Management/Business of Medicine)
  • Technology and Innovation (Simulation, Big Data, Electronic Health Record, Procedures, Artificial Intelligence, POCUS)

Workshop & Seminar Submission Tips

Looking for advice on submitting a workshop? First time submitter? Check out the Elements of a Successful Workshop.

The deadline to submit workshop and seminar proposals is 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, August 24, 2018AAIM staff will notify proposal submitters of the status of their review in November.

Members from the program planning committees from all founding members of AAIM are responsible for reviewing workshop proposals. The committees reserve the right to refuse any proposal without cause. 

Please note:

  • AAIM does not waive registration fees or reimburse expenses for workshop presenters.
  • Each workshop may have no more than four presenters.
  • Workshop presenters may not have their name on more than two proposals.
  • The submitting presenter is responsible for ensuring that the names and contact information of the correct presenters are provided to the AAIM office in a timely fashion.
  • AAIM does not provide computers or Internet access for workshop presentations. If your workshop requires Internet access, AAIM will order access on your behalf and invoice you for the cost after the meeting.
  • AAIM must approve any additional equipment brought in for educational or presentation purposes prior to arrival onsite; workshop presenters will be responsible for any extra costs incurred in shipping, storing, securing, setting up, or using such equipment.
  • All workshop rooms will only be set in theater style for the maximum number of people allowed. Different room sets will not be available.
  • A change in presenters may cause an accepted workshop to be withdrawn from the agenda and resubmitted for review.
  • All presenters must submit a disclosure of conflict of interest statement for the purposes of continuing medical education accreditation. Presenters who do not submit the statement before the meeting will be removed from the agenda, prohibited from speaking, and will not be acknowledged as AAIM speakers.

Workshop Elements

The most successful workshops are excellent presentations that provide the audience with specific “deliverables” that allow attendees to easily replicate curricula or enact programmatic change.

Top 10 Guidelines

Poster Abstracts

Call for Poster Abstracts will open in October 2018.