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APDIM Surveys

The Alliance launches an annual survey each August for completion by APDIM residency program directors, as well as an occasional spring survey when timely or critical issues affecting graduate medical education arise. Survey development is overseen by the APDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee with contributions from the APDIM membership and input from Council.

Data collected by APDIM surveys are used to help members better understand and advance their profession by informing organizational policies and initiatives, and by publishing analyses of the results in medical education journals or presenting those results at professional conferences such as Academic Internal Medicine Week (presentation and summary results files are available below). Survey results also are used to develop resources such as guidelines and “FAQ documents” available at the Alliance website.

APDIM survey data collection is managed by Alliance Surveys staff. The Alliance will never disclose your or your institution’s identity in any reporting of survey results, all Alliance research surveys are submitted to an institutional review board (IRB) for compliance with human subjects research protections, and Surveys staff hold valid certificates in human subjects research training.

If you have questions about an APDIM survey or if you did not receive a survey email invitation that you were expecting, contact The Alliance uses the Qualtrics Surveys platform; to ensure that you receive email survey invitations from Qualtrics, please ask your information technology staff to add "” to your institution’s email “safe senders” list. Alliance survey email invitations always include opt-out links, should you prefer not to participate in a specific survey. 

Goals & History of the APDIM Survey

APDIM has been surveying its members since 1999 and annually since 2005. This effort has resulted in educational scholarship and generalizable knowledge about internal medicine residencies in the United States. 

The APDIM Annual Survey of Program Directors has several main goals:

  • Answer questions that are important to APDIM membership regarding policy and educational changes affecting internal medicine residency training.
  • Provide a longitudinal database to assess trends over time related to internal medicine training.
  • Facilitate research in residency education by conducting a national annual census of internal medicine residency program directors on topics of relevant to residency training.
  • Reduce survey burden of residency program directors by consolidating surveys and merging APDIM survey data with nationally available data on metrics related to residency programs.

APDIM Survey Publications

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Call for Annual Survey Section Topic Proposals

The call for the 2023 APDIM Annual Survey question submissions will open in April 2022.