The Alliance Provides Fellowship Interview Guidance for 2022-2023


The process for interviewing fellowship candidates changed dramatically during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 recruitment seasons in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with applicants and programs developing new approaches for the application and recruitment process and conducting interviews almost exclusively via a virtual format. New recommendations are necessary to incorporate successful elements of these new processes into future recruitment cycles.

  • AAIM recommends fellowship programs conduct virtual interviews for all applicants, including learners at their own institution.
  • Without further evaluation of safeguards to maintain equity for applicants, AAIM recommends against in-person visits as part of the interview process, including in-person interviews, open houses, or program-sponsored second looks.
  • AAIM recommends fellowship programs adopt clear standards for communicating interview status (invitation, waitlist, or rejection) with applicants and describe their communication process and timeline on their program’s website.
  • AAIM recommends residency program directors use a standardized fellowship letter of recommendation.
  • AAIM recommends residency programs provide resources to help residents prepare for fellowship interviews.
  • AAIM recommends fellowship programs provide training for faculty on strategies to mitigate implicit bias in interviews, and on appropriate interview and post-interview communication.