AAIM Guidelines for Residency Interview Scheduling


The application season is a time of high stress for our medical students. Students spend significant time researching and applying to programs, and commit  considerable financial resources to apply and interview at programs. Moreover, the Alliance has heard from students and faculty that the interview invitation process, as it stands, detracts from the educational experience of fourth year.

Many students are distracted on rounds and educational conferences, do not scrub in to the operating room, and are otherwise missing opportunities for valuable educational experiences that would better prepare them for internship in our programs. Anecdotes suggest that students are fearful that not responding immediately to an interview invitation may result in losing a spot to interview at a desired program.

As such, the Alliance strongly urges all programs to extend interview invitations in a manner that preserves and protects the educational value of the fourth year and allows students to fully participate in educational activities without the fear of missing interview invitations.