Member Spotlight: Renee Flores, MD



Renee Flores, MD 
Assistant Professor/Associate Program Director—Internal Medicine
Program Director, Geriatric Fellowship
McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

How long have you been a member of AAIM?

I have been a member for about three years.

Describe your typical day.

My day is atypical actually. I am a half time educator, half time administrator, and half time clinician. Typical that those hats are not adding up. I am also half inpatient and half outpatient, so on any given week, my days just do not look the same. I really like that though. Some days I am teaching on an inpatient medicine service, and other days I am teaching at an outpatient clinic with intermixing of residency and fellowship administrative duties. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of my job is teaching. I really enjoy this aspect of my job, as this influences not only personal experiences on the pathway of being a great physician, but also the clinical practice of medicine.

How has the AAIM membership been of value to you and your career?

AAIM membership has really opened my camaraderie with colleagues within my university. I am one of the AAIM Ambassadors and have connected with physicians across the campus by opening up communication with the monthly news updates. It has also given me an opportunity to facilitate different discussions with clinicians across the country on the online forums.

What’s your favorite moment of your career so far?

There are too many favorite moments of my career. I believe most moments center around the time of graduation and knowing I could be part of something so big.

What was your childhood dream job?

I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. My dad got his PhD in Education, and everyone knew him as Dr. Flores. At that time, I did not really understand the difference between PhD-doctor and MD-doctor, but knew that I wanted to work in a hospital and take care of patients. That idea came from my mom, she was a nurse, and she probably also played a substantial role into my ideal childhood dream job.

How do you spend your free time?

Honestly, I spend a lot of my free time sleeping or going to the movies. I really like relaxing my brain and doing things that does not require decision-making or much brain exercising.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

People are surprised to know my background and heritage.