Council Elections Close January 31


January 2022—AAIM is pleased to announce the elections for the FY 2022 councils are now open. 

Each member is eligible to cast one ballot for each election in which he or she is eligible to vote; eligibility is determined by membership status. A majority of member votes received will elect councilors and officers for each council.

Councilors and treasurers serve three year terms. Excepting MPPDA, presidents-elect/chairs-elect serve a total of three years (president-elect, president, and past president); MPPDA has an additional immediate past president year in its term.

All of the candidates are outstanding leaders and all have made excellent contributions to departments of internal medicine. Each candidate has provided a vision statement, which is accessible through the ballot. Please review the candidate statements prior to casting your votes.

All ballots are due no later than Monday, January 31, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Ballots received after this deadline will not be included in the elections.

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