Alliance Releases Guidance for 2021-2022 Residency Application and Interview Cycle

July 2021—In the interest of preserving the health and safety of applicants and programs as well as promoting an efficacious and fair process, AAIM recommends that residency programs should conduct all interviews virtually for the 2021-2022 recruitment season. The guidance—developed by a cross-council writing group for AAIM—also recommends that:
  • Medical school advisors should draw upon institutional and national data, as well as individual performance, to advise students on the number of applications they should submit, as well as the appropriate number of interviews they should accept.
  • Medical schools should provide students space, computers, equipment, and a stable internet connection to conduct their interviews.
  • Residency program leaders and faculty interviewers should receive training on identifying and mitigating unconscious bias in virtual interviews.
  • Medical schools should provide coaching for students on virtual interview best practices.

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