UPDATE: Alliance Comments on CoPA UME-GME Transition Recommendations


May 2021—AAIM provided feedback on the preliminary recommendations from the Coalition for Physician Accountability UME–GME Review Committee. Understanding that CoPA does not intend to make “substantive changes to the preliminary recommendations,” the Alliance provided insights to operationalize the recommendations related to faculty development, bias, the application process, assessments, and UME-GME relations as well as feedback on the resource and financial implications of these recommendations.

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April 2021—The Coalition for Physician Accountability recently released its recommendations developed by its Undergraduate Medical Education to Graduate Medical Education Review Committee. Convened in summer 2020, this committee was charged to recommend solutions to identified challenges in the UME-GME transition. The 42 recommendations are grouped into 12 themes, and are open for public comment until May 26.

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