Member Spotlight: Kristi Graybill C-TAGME


Kristi Graybill, C-TAGME
Internal Medicine Residency Coordinator
Department of Internal Medicine
University of Nebraska College of Medicine

How long have you been a member of AAIM?

I have been a member since 2014.

Describe your typical day.

Depending on the time of year, my typical day consists of helping my residents. If it is during recruitment season, I am putting together itineraries, schedules, lunches, dinners, and shuttles for my incoming candidates, and preparing the perfect day for them.

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of being a residency coordinator is recruitment season. I believe it gives our program an opportunity to shine in ways most don’t get to see. It is also a way for me to calm nervous candidates on their interview day.

How has the AAIM membership been of value to you and your career?

It’s provided me with an irreplaceable group of individuals who I look up to, along with camaraderie and the ability to share experiences and learn from peers.

What’s your favorite moment of your career so far?

I would have to say, when I see how I have helped my resident(s) succeed, big or small—even if it is just filling out paperwork or providing a signature. Having them feel less stressed is what I am here for.

What was your childhood dream job?

I have always wanted to be a teacher. I feel like in a way, my job is to “teach” my residents.

How do you spend your free time?

I love going camping with family and friends. I am very content staying at home watching good movies and eating popcorn too.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I am actually very shy and introverted, but as a residency coordinator you learn to come out of your comfort zone.