Speaker FAQ

Speaker FAQ

How will I access APDIM Online 2021?

Go to https://www.im.org/apdimonline/about/hubb and click the "ACCESS APDIM ONLINE 2021" button. 

What’s my username and password?

Logging in to APDIM Online is easier than ever.  Just use the same email address and password that you use to login to the AAIM website!  Forgot your password?  No problem.  Use the Forgot Password option to reset it.  Still having trouble?  Contact memberservices@im.org for additional support. 

How do I update my meeting profile information?

After you log into the event, click your name in the top right and choose My Profile. From here you can add a picture and update any of the information associated with your meeting profile. 

How do I find my sessions?

From the speaker portal lobby, click the link to for the APDIM Online 2021 Event Lobby at the top of the page From main event lobby or left navigation then choose schedule.  Please note if you have not registered for APDIM Online 2021, you will only see the sessions that you are speaking on the schedule. If you would like to register for the full event, please contact meetings@im.org 

How do I join the live Q&A?

All sessions will include a live Q&A via Zoom Meeting.  You have received the Zoom link to join the Q&A.  Please plan to join your Q&A session at least 10 minutes before the end of your recording playback.  Q&A will not begin until at least one speaker has joined the session. 

For the best experience all speakers are encouraged to make sure they are using the most current version of Zoom.  You can download the most current version from https://zoom.us/download.   

Want to test Zoom before the meeting?  Visit https://zoom.us/test and follow the prompts to test.   

How will the live Q&A work?

The Zoom Meeting Q&A will feature all speakers on camera with the ability to talk.  All participants will who join will have the option to be on camera, speak, or use the chat to participate.  As a speaker, you can decide if you would like questions submitted via chat, ask that participants use the raised hand feature of Zoom, or a different method for managing the Q&A. 

Please note, breakout rooms will NOT be available during Q&A. 

What should I do while my presentation video is playing?

Speakers are encouraged to engage with attendees in the video chat while their presentation is playing. You can answer questions directly in the chat or let attendees know you will hold their question for the live Q&A. 

What if I’m late to my session?

You can join a session in progress at any time. The presentation will always bring you in at the current time, just like walking into the meeting room.