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Even Better Together.

The quality and quantity of tools such as workshops, presentations and curriculum support is magnified when we work together.

Material Produced by Project Participants

Abstracts Presented Orally

"Tools for Teaching: A Partnership Model"
"Enticing the Technophobe: Strategies for Increasing Utilization of Web-based Teaching"
"Real-Time Faculty Development: Implementation and Evaluation"
"Interactive Faculty Development Seminars Improve Feedback in the Ambulatory Setting"
"Measuring the Impact of a Community-Based Faculty Development Program"

Works-in-Progress Presented Orally

"Developing Teaching Skills for the Primary Care Physician"
"The Oregon Collaborative for Ambulatory Education"
"Joining Preceptors and Residents: A Collaborative Model for Faculty Development"
"Starting from Zero"
"Community-Based Faculty Development Can Make a Difference"
"Using Online Databases to Find Best Evidence: A Workshop"

Abstracts and Works-in-Progress Posters

"IT Played in Peoria: Multi-Modal Faculty Development Model that Integrates Physical Examination, Procedural and Teaching Skills"
"Evidence-Based Medicine Faculty Development Project"
"Promoting Learner-Centered Teaching Strategies"
"Negotiating Goals and Objectives: A Workshop for Faculty and Their Residents"
"A New Faculty Development Program at The University of Virginia"
"The Standardized Patient as a Panacea for Medical Education"
"Communicating Educational Goals to Community-Based Faculty"
"Comparison of Faculty Attitudes after a Two-Year Faculty Development Intervention"
"Identifying Motivations and Rewards Influencing Faculty Involvement In Teaching"
"Development of Workshops for Community-Based Subspecialists"
"Why Attendings Fail to Attend Faculty Development Workshops"
"If You Teach It Will They Come? Faculty Development for Community-Based Teachers in San Francisco"
"Individualized Faculty Goal-Setting: Committing to Change and Measuring the Effect"
"A Website to Support Community-Based Faculty"
"Residents as Teachers"
"Faculty Development Online: An Observation/Feedback Module"
"Implementing Faculty Development"
"Development of a Community-Based Faculty Support System"
"Faculty Development in a Practical Model"
"Development and Evaluation of a Self-Study Dermatology Module"
"'Summer Grand Rounds' for Improving Communication and Relationship Between Student, Resident, and Faculty as Part of Faculty Development"
"Introduction of 'Weekly Resident Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis Rounds' for Third-Year Medical Students During Medicine Clerkship"
"Faculty Development Workshops for Community Preceptors Using Standardized Students"
"What Do Community Preceptors Need?"
"Developing Community-Based Experiences to Enhance Preceptor Satisfaction and Student Retention"
"Faculty Variance in Mini-CEX Reviews"
"Examples of Incremental Change in a Faculty Development Program"
"Faculty Development on a Shoe String Budget"
"Resident Satisfaction with Teaching in Ambulatory Care: Effectiveness of Local Faculty Development Workshops"
"How Do Internal Medicine Residents Choose their Community-Based Teaching Experiences?"
"NYU Resident as Teacher Initiative: Working Across Disciplines"