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    The National Institute of Health (NIH) through the National Institute on Aging (NIA) will be accepting applications for the 2015 Grants for Early Medical/Surgical Subspecialists Transition to Aging Research (GEMSSTAR) awards program beginning September 28, 2014. GEMSSTAR awards program provides early career physicians up to $150,000 of direct funding (over a two-year period) to support aging research. Interested applicants have the option of submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to submitting their GEMSSTAR application to NIA.  The deadline to submit an application is October 28, 2014. Read the full text of the GEMSSTAR award announcements below. The NIA announcement includes a helpful list of responses to questions that are frequently asked about the GEMSSTAR program.

    NIH Announcement NIA Announcement

    New to the GEMSSTAR Application Process

    For the 2015 cycle, applicants are encouraged to include with their R03 application a professional development plan (PDP). The R03 application and the PDP will be due  to NIH by October 28, 2014.  Applicants will not be asked to submit a PDP at a later date.  In addition,  applicants will be asked to include the funding sources they are purusing to support a PDP, however they are not expected to secure funding by the October 28 deadline. PDP funding has to be secured by the GEMSSTAR award start date.  

    Early career physicians applying for GEMSSTAR are encouraged to submit a  professional development plan (PDP) and identify a funding source. The T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program is one source of professional development support available to applicants.

    Professional Development and T. Franklin Williams Scholar Program
    The T. Franklin Williams Scholars program provides GEMSSTAR award recipients, over a two-year period, up to $50,000 in direct professional development funding and up to $3,000 in travel support to the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) annual meeting. Funded through a generous grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies and the John A. Hartford Foundation, the T. Franklin Williams Scholars program is a joint initiative of AAIM and ASP and the seven internal medicine subspecialty sponsor societies. A Letter of Intent is submitted to the the sponsor society that is most relevant to your research; the award application is submitted to the sponsor society.

    Contact the T. Franklin Williams Scholar grants manager at the sponsor society that is most relevant to your research to receive information specific to the sponsor society’s application process. For general information regarding the T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program, contact Kelly Middleton, Grants Senior Specialists, at or (703) 341-4540.


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    For More Information

    For general information, please contact Grants Coordinator Kelly Middleton.

    For information about specific society grants, please review the list of sponsor society contacts.

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