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Even Better Together.

The quality and quantity of tools such as workshops, presentations and curriculum support is magnified when we work together.

Clerkship Directors

To promote career development for clerkship directors, the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) sponsors numerous activities and initiatives. These activities provide opportunities for clerkship directors to disucss emerging topics, share best practices, and network with colleagues.

CDIM Precourse for New Clerkship Directors and Educators at Academic Internal Medicine Week 2014

This precourse is designed to help orient new internal medicine clerkship directors to their positions. Experienced faculty will lead discussions of evaluation and grading, curriculum development, teaching strategies, and career development of the clerkship director. Interested participants will be assigned a mentor from the CDIM membership. This precourse is designed for the clerkship director with fewer than three years of experience in this position.

Guidebook for Clerkship Directors

CDIM is a major contributor to the ACE Guidebook for Clerkship Directors. The book offers advice and practical solutions to the issues that affect clerkship directors across disciplines, including orientation, curriculum, evaluation, instructional strategies, role of the director and administrator, and faculty and career development.

The Alliance for Clinical Education offers the book as downloadable PDFs or for sale as a print product.

CDIM Annual Survey

The 2014 Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) Survey is currently open to institutional members of CDIM. Survey results enable CDIM to describe important educational practices in internal medicine.



Guidebook for Clerkship Directors

Developed by the Alliance for Clinical Education, this guidebook offers practical advice for clerkship directors.