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AAIM Reviewing New Executive Order on Immigration:  
A Message from AAIM President D. Craig Brater, MD 

Dear Colleagues:

AAIM is reviewing the new Executive Order on Immigration. It differs from the prior executive order in several ways that are relevant to the Alliance community. First, it is more welcoming of individuals from Iraq. Second, there is a provision that allows discretionary latitude if "the foreign national seeks to enter the United States for significant business or professional obligations and the denial of entry during the suspension period would impair those obligations." Theoretically, you could argue that an individual who has matched to one of our programs could be granted a waiver and be "processed" for a visa before the 90-day ban has been lifted (assuming it will be lifted). However, you would be in the position of arguing that a resident met this waiver requirement and there is no way to predict whether immigration authorities will be receptive to this argument.  For our constituency, this new executive order varies little from the prior executive order that AAIM condemned.  ACP has released a statement with similar conclusions. AAIM is in contact with ECFMG and will pass along their thoughts. In addition, remember that senior ECFMG officers will be attending Academic Internal Medicine Week 2017 to give us the latest information they have.

Another immigration change relative to H-1 visas has also been just released. On Friday, March 3, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a press release indicating it will suspend premium processing of all H-1B petitions effective April 3, 2017, for up to six months. This change has important implications for individuals who wish to transfer their H-1b visas. Residents who are applying to extend their H-1B visas for the last six weeks of their training and are using the expedited process should file before the April 3 deadline, as this program would be discontinued in a few weeks.

The Alliance is monitoring these situations and will report information to the community in a timely manner.  


D. Craig Brater, MD
AAIM President