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AAIM Prepares to Address Executive Order on Immigration

Dear Colleagues:

We are all reeling from the recently released Executive Order on immigration. I will offer my personal feeling that I think this is abominable from the perspective of what I believe our country represents. There is also the obvious in terms of how adversely it will affect our medical students and internal medicine residency programs, not to mention the talented faculty and staff who are personally affected. We need to think about this from two perspectives. One is the short term of making sure that all our members have accurate information. The other is more long term; namely, what position should we take and how do we best make certain that position is most effective. We have already made contact with most of our stakeholder partners to see where they stand and how we may collaborate. The AAIM leadership is also considering what to do in concert with our partners in the Internal Medicine Education Advisory Board.

At a human level, something like this always provokes an emotional response, myself included. Not all will agree with my own response, but all the email traffic in our internal medicine community I have seen suggests my perspective is generally shared. It is important that we channel that rage in as constructive a fashion as possible. First, we need to be pragmatic and focus on our trainees and our programs. To do so, we need accurate information. AAIM pledges to provide that; we plan to have a position statement available shortly. In parallel, we also pledge to do whatever we can to right this wrong. 


D. Craig Brater, MD
AAIM President