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Research and Programmatic Innovation Abstract Posters

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The AAIM Skills Development Conference Poster Reception will be held Friday, October 21, 2016.  Posters will be available for viewing online after the conference. 

All files are in Adobe PDF format.


1.  "Read More:” A Pilot Review of Supervisor Comments for Determining Clerkship Grades Abstract   Poster
2.  Trainee Satisfaction with Feedback Provided Using an Entrustment Scale Abstract  Poster
3.  Understanding Residency Program Factors that Influence Practice Pattern Formation Abstract  Poster
4.  Understanding Mechanisms to Identify Struggling Learners Abstract  Poster
5.  AAMC Milestones Self-Assessment Among Residents Abstract  Poster
6.  The Innovation and Implementation of Virtual Psychiatry Patients for Medical Students Abstract  Poster
7.  Creation and Utilization of an Educational Scorecard in an Academic Hospitalist Group to Achieve Educational Mission and Vision Abstract  Poster
8.  Ultrasound for Graduate Medical Education Abstract  Poster
9.  Physician Eye Contact: A Pilot Study Using a Portable Eye Tracking Device in the Ambulatory Clinic to Measure Physician Patient Interaction Abstract  Poster
10.  Managing from the Middle: Chief Medical Residents’ Perception of and Comfort with Leadership Skills Abstract   Poster
11.  PSQI Study to Improve Hospital Discharge Time Abstract  Poster
12.  Impact of Syncope Protocol in an Observation Unit of an Academic Tertiary Care Center Abstract  Poster
13.  Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening and Surveillance Compliance with a Multidisciplinary Approach in the Outpatient Setting Abstract  Poster
14.  X+Y Scheduling Systems in Internal Medicine Residency Programs: A National Survey of Program Directors Perspectives Abstract  Poster
15.  Advance Care Planning: Biopsychosocial Training Needs Among Internal Medicine Residents Abstract  Poster
16.  Mindset and Empathy in Residency Training Abstract   Poster
17.  Post-Interview Communications - Who, Why, How, What? Abstract  Poster
18.  The Impact of a Musculoskeletal Training Program on Residents’ Recognition and Treatment of Osteoporosis Abstract  Poster
19.  Effective Use of the ABIM Milestones Framework: A Single Program Survey of Resident Perspectives Abstract  Poster
20.  When Patients Go Home: A Deliberate Practice in Discharge Follow-Up Abstract  Poster
21.  Financial Capability of Residents at a University Based Internal Medicine Training Program Abstract  Poster
22.  How a High Value Care Conference Can Lead to Quality Improvement Abstract  Poster
23.  A CQI Process to Ensure Comparability of Five Different Geographic Clerkship Sites Abstract  Poster
24.  Building Reflective Capacity among Medical Students: Is there a Gender Learning Curve? Abstract  Poster

Programmatic Innovations

25.  Is Engagement Alone Sufficient to Ensure “Active Learning”? Abstract  Poster
26.  Cognitive Simulation Assessment as a Tool to Identify Intern Readiness for Training Abstract  Poster
27.  The Game Of Telephone: A Pilot Study to Improve Communication with Patients’ and Their Resident Physician Abstract  Poster
28.  A Formal Training Program for Chief Medical Residents Abstract  Poster
29.  Five Steps to Guide Conversations Between Trainees and Patients in Pain Abstract  Poster
30.  The Use of Team-Based Learning on an Internal Medicine Clerkship Abstract  Poster
31.  Implementation of a Structured Hand-off System in a Community Teaching Hospital Abstract  Poster
32.  SMART Goal “Lean” Methodology for Successful QI Curriculum Implementation Abstract  Poster
33.  Navigating the Road to 10: Using a Team Based Learning-EHR Guided Curriculum to Teach Internal Medicine Residents About  ICD-10 Abstract  Poster
34.  Thrills and Pitfalls of Creating an Experiential Patient Safety Curriculum for Medical Students: Culture Eating Strategy Abstract  Poster
35.  Measurement of High Value Care in Standardized Patient Encounters in an Internal Medicine Residency Program Abstract  Poster
36.  The Two Week Block: Is It Ready for Prime Time? Abstract  Poster
37.  Panel Management 101: A Practical Approach for an Internal Medicine Resident Clinic Abstract  Poster
38.  Finding Meaning Through the Looking Glass of Residency: Exploring Strategies to Combat Burnout Abstract  Poster
39.  The AAIM Curated Exhibit of Milestone Evaluations: A Collaborative Product of the AAIM Education Committee Abstract  Poster
40.  Dummy to Bedside: Using Simulation to Assess Learners in Acute Illness Management Abstract  Poster
41.  Empowering Residents to Initiate Real-Time Evaluations Using Smartphones Abstract  Poster
42.  Smoothing the Gap: A Transition to Residency Curriculum in Internal Medicine Abstract  Poster
43.  Incorporating Transitional Care Management into an Academic X+Y Resident Clinic Abstract  Poster
44.  Teaching Residents to Teach: Using LEGOs to Improve Communication for Supervising Residents Abstract  Poster
45.  Life After Death: Resuscitating your Morbidity and Mortality Conference Abstract  Poster
46.  GME Programs Should Be CLER on Community Poverty Abstract  Poster
47.  Novel Skill Development Program for Female Trainees Abstract  Poster
48.  An Evaluation of a Resiliency and Mindfulness Training Curriculum for Internal Medicine Interns Abstract  Poster
49.  A Simple Change to Improve In Training Exam Results Abstract  Poster
50.  An Effective Inpatient Laboratory Utilization Feedback Tool for Resident Education Abstract  Poster
51.  Macros Your Life: Maximizing Time and Quality of Documentation With Macros Abstract  Poster
52.  Use of Modifed Balint Groups as a Means to Enhance Resident Reflection and Patient Relationships Abstract  Poster
53.  A Delicate Balance Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Resident Satisfaction Survey Abstract  Poster
54.  Implementing a Practical Quality Improvement Curriculum into a Hospital Medicine Resident Rotation Abstract  Poster
55.  Reinvigorating the Culture of Bedside Medicine: The New General Medicine Service at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Abstract  Poster
56.  The Authentic Physical Exam Curriculum for Medical Residents Abstract  Poster
57.  “Patient Navigator Improves Post Hospital Transition of Care and 30-Day Readmission” Abstract  Poster
58.  Building Emotional Intelligence and Enhancing Humanism: Intervention to Foster Self-Reflection, Self-Awareness, and to  Deepen  Relationships Among Residents Abstract  Poster
59.  Partnering Research Administration with QI Faculty Leaders to Promote Successful QI Scholarship Abstract  Poster
60.  A Novel Method of Augmenting Resident Education With Subspecialty Fellow Involvement Abstract  Poster
61.  Interprofessional Faculty Development with TEACH Abstract  Poster
62.  Making the EX-pert EX-plicit: A Clinical Reasoning Case Conference Abstract  Poster
63.  Clinic Playbook: Huddle for Success Abstract  Poster
64.  Critical Practice: The Effects of Mock Code Scenarios on Resident Confidence and Team Communications Abstract  Poster
65.  Limiting Routine Blood Draws In Hospitalized Patients: A QI Study Abstract  Poster
66.  Residents as Coaches for Struggling Learners Abstract  Poster
67.  Comprehensive Assessment of Struggling Learners Referred to a Combined UME-GME Remediation Program Abstract  Poster
68.  The Musculoskeletal Master Educator Training Program: A New Resource and Professional Development Opportunity for Leaders in Medical Education Abstract Poster
69.  Quality Rotation and Dashboard Tool to Promote Quality Improvement and Meet Practice Based Learning and  Improvement  (PBL & I) Requirements Abstract   Poster
70.  Shift Cards in the Resident Outpatient Clinic--Providing Feedback to Residents and Informing Your Clinical Competency  Committee Abstract  Poster