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Our strength in numbers has impact and influence on legislative decision makers and partnering organizations.

AAIM Research Committee

The AAIM Research Committee is charged to advocate and promote opportunities for medical education research; focus on ways to increase public and private support for basic, clinical, and health services research; and create practical materials and tools to promote research in departments of internal medicine as well as research careers.

Current AAIM Research Committee projects as of January 2018:

  • Physician Scientist Training Program Directors Group is planning a four-hour workshop for PSTP and research in residency program directors at 2018 AAIM Internal Medicine Week.
  • Resident Research Subcommittee is planning a workshop 2018 AAIMW on “Determining Best Practices in Resident Research”

Residency Research Pathways is preparing a manuscript on “Best Practices for Physician-Scientist Training Programs

For more information about serving on an AAIM committee, please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or academicaffairs@im.org.


Chair: Robert A. Salata, MD
Vice Chair: Katherine Chretien, MD

Mark E. Anderson, MD, PhD (APM liaison)
Thurayya Arayssi, MD
Melvin Blanchard, MD (APDIM liaison)
Jan Busby-Whitehead, MD
Chayan Chakraborti, MD
Carol A. Cottrell (AIM liaison)
Briar L. Duffy, MD
Nacide Ercan-Fang, MD
Carlos A. Estrada, MD
Diane L. Levine, MD
Michael P. Madaio, MD
Mai A. Mahmoud, MD
Michael S. Parmacek, MD
Ali R. Rahimi, MD
Ashish V. Rana, MD
Ali Rizvi, MD
Don C. Rockey, MD
Ankur Segon, MD
Winston Tan, MD
Kimberly Tartaglia, MD
Robert F. Todd, III, MD, PhD
Connie Watson
Laura Rees Willett, MD
Theodore Wun, MD (ASP liaison)
Mone Zaidi, MD, PhD