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AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee

The AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee is charged to develop programs and resources for faculty and staff responsible for preparing post-core internal medicine clerkship students for their transition from medical school to residency training; and monitor issues related to the transition from medical school to residency training.

Current AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee projects (as of June 2018):

  • The IM sub-I curriculum work group recently submitted an executive summary to a special medical education issue of Journal of General Internal Medicine.
  • The IM sub-I curriculum, endorsed by the AAIM Board of Directors, is available for download.
  • Several work groups are preparing a manuscript related to MSRIC’s questions on the 2016 IM-ITE Resident Survey, the 2016 IM-ITE PD Survey, and the 2017 APDIM Spring Survey.
  • MSRIC has asked for APDIM Council to support a modified statement on preserving the educational value of the fourth year. CDIM Council and APM Council support.
For more information about serving on an AAIM committee, please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or academicaffairs@im.org.


Chair: Steven V. Angus, MD
Vice Chair:  Marty D. Muntz, MD

Jonathan S. Appelbaum, MD
Beth Barron, MD
Jeffery Becker, MD
Alexander Carbo, MD
Analia Castiglioni, MD
Karen M. Chacko, MD (APDIM liaison)
Paul R. Chelminski, MD
Saumil M. Chudgar, MD
Patrick Cocks, MD
Ernie L. Esquivel, MD
Allison Ferris, MD
Richard M. Forster, MD
Susan J. Gallagher, MD
Adam M. Garber, MD
Sara E. Gardner, MD
Matthew Hollon, MD
Nadia J. Ismail, MD
Brian Kwan, MD
Marty D. Muntz, MD
Kendall L. Novoa-Takara, MD
Anne G. Pereira, MD
Cori Salvit, MD
Neel Shah, MD
Emily Stewart, MD
Michelle Sweet, MD
T. Robert Vu, MD
Sean Whelton, MD