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Program administrators (PAs) and coordinators play a key role in the success of internal medicine residency programs.  To promote career development for these members, APDIM sponsors numerous activities for PAs.  These activities provide opportunities for PAs to discuss emerging topics, share best practices, and network with colleagues.

 NRMP Comments on Role of Program Administrators in R3

NRMP has been contacted by several program directors and coordinators about the role of coordinators in the Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system to express concern that coordinators no longer have access to rank order lists (ROLs).

NRMP has always recognized applicants, medical school officials, program directors, and institutional officials as registered users of the R3 system. Match Participation Agreements reference those parties specifically, and AAMC ID numbers were generated only for those groups. Prior to this year, program coordinators did not agree to the terms and conditions of the Match Participation Agreement nor were they given access to the R3 system. Accordingly, the inability of coordinators to enter, edit, and certify rank order lists (ROLs) is not a new NRMP rule.

When the NRMP transitioned to a new R3 system this year, we decided to create a role for coordinators that acknowledged their importance during the recruitment process. Coordinators now can officially assist program directors by maintaining program information and using the Applicant Match History to determine applicant eligibility for interview and appointment. However, ROLs--the foundation of the matching process--have been and remain the responsibility of program directors. Allowing multiple users access to the ranking function, the most crucial aspect of the matching process, increases the likelihood that ROLs will be entered incorrectly or that they will not be certified in a timely manner, a problem NRMP staff sees year after year. Program directors must be the stewards of the ranking function because they ultimately are accountable to NRMP.

If you need assistance, please contact the NRMP Help Desk between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time at (202) 400-2233, (866)-653-NRMP (6767), or by email at

 Message From Your Chair

Dear Program Administrators:

It is an honor to represent such a wonderful group.  Our membership numbers continue to grow and with all of the changes taking place in graduate medical education, it is a great feeling knowing that we are not alone!

Registration is now open for the 2013 APDIM Fall Meeting in exciting New Orleans, LA.  The fall meeting will take place from October 3 to October 6 in conjunction with Academic Internal Medicine Week 2013.  We hope you can join us for this meeting!

We also hope you are planning to join us for the 2014 APDIM Program Administrators Meeting.  The meeting will be taking place in Nashville, TN.  We are now in the process of planning some fabulous workshops for you to attend.  Once again we will be doing the rotation sessions with different learning topics.  The “Spa Day” drawing will be given again at the end of this session. This is a great time to network with other administrators, learn new things, and take home some wonderful ideas.

Remember that you can always reach out and stay in touch with your colleagues by using the APDIM Program Administrators discussion forum on AAIM Connect

I look forward to seeing everyone!


Heather Fertig
PAAC Chair
Abington Memorial Hospital

 PA Activities and Initiatives

Program Administrators Meeting:
Held annually in conjunction with the APDIM Spring Conference, this meeting focuses on the needs of program administrators.  This meeting also includes a luncheon with chief residents and many opportunities to network with colleagues.

Workshops at the APDIM Fall Meetings:
Workshop sessions developed and presented by program administrators are held at every APDIM Fall Meeting. 

Precourse for New Program Directors and Administrators:
This intense one-day precourse is designed for new program administrators and directors with fewer than three years fo experience in their role.  This session is held every other fall. 

Certification for Program Administrators:
National Certification is available for internal medicine residency administrators through Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education (TAGME).  Certification sets a national professional standard for administrators of core and subspecialty programs and enhances career development.  Assessment is available in the Spring and Fall for residency and fellowship administrators.  The application window for the Fall Assessment is March 1 – May 31.  For more information and application materials, please visit the TAGME website.   Interested members may contact APDIM PA Certification Committee Chair Cheryl Moss at or APDIM PA Certification Committee Member Joanne Battaglia at


 Program Administrator Job Description and Salary Survey

The Program Administrators Advisory Council (PAAC) has prepared a position description as a standard for program administrators. The range of responsibilities outlined illustrates the diversity of the position; it cannot be a complete description of the position.

In 2011, PAAC distributed the Program Administrator Job Description and Salary Survey in order to update the job description.  Survey results will help administrators write resumes, create job descriptions, and provide objective data regarding salary ranges of peers.


 The Chief Resident-Program Administrator Partnership

Published in the 19th Edition of Toolkit for Today's Chief Resident, "The Chief Resident-Program Administrator Partnership" article contains valuable information on the development of a successful chief resident-program administrator relationship.

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