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CDIM is the organization of individuals responsible for teaching internal medicine to medical students. 

 CDIM Highlights

 APDIM-CDIM International Departmental Membership

Departments of internal medicine located outside of the United States and Canada are invited to join APDIM and CDIM.  APDIM-CDIM International Departmental membership allows for an unlimited number of members to enroll in APDIM and CDIM for a departmental fee of $2,750.

Download the APDIM-CDIM International Departmental membership application

 Promote Your Charter Association during International Travel!

Many members travel abroad to attend conferences or serve as consultants to international medical education programs.  When traveling, consider promoting your charter association and its resources. Valuable resources for international faculty and staff include educational programming, textbooks, and online curriculum and evaluation tools.

Download the International Membership application and join today!

 Resources for the Subinternship

CDIM has several resources available for the internal medicine subinternship. 

Primer to the Internal Medicine Subinternship

Developed by the CDIM Subinternship Task Force, the Primer aims to help students succeed in the internal medicine subinternship and provides helpful information to prepare students for their internship year.  The Primer addresses subjects such as:

  • Consultations
  • Tips for triaging cross-cover
  • Negotiating conflict
  • Delivering bad news
  • Obtaining advanced directives
  • Writing transfer notes
  • Discharge planning, counseling, and summaries
  • Tips for work/life balance
  • Documenting procedures 


Subinternship Curriculum and Training Problems

The CDIM Subinternship Task Force created curriculum resources for teaching during the internal medicine subinternship/acting internship. 

The training problems are based on the learning objectives for the CDIM Subinternship Curriculum and common inpatient scenarios, including cross-coverage situations. The student's version contains the cases and questions while the teacher's version contains answers to the questions based on each case.  Only CDIM members can access the teacher's version.


The Simulated Internal Medicine Patient Learning Experience (SIMPLE) is a comprehensive Internet-based learning program for use by core internal medicine clerkship students. SIMPLE's 36 interactive virtual patient cases are designed to comprehensively cover the CDIM-Society for General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Core Medicine Clerkship Curriculum.

SIMPLE is designed to supplement traditional clerkship teaching and patient care activities. It provides medical students and clerkship directors access to peer-reviewed learning materials that provide a solid foundation in internal medicine medical knowledge appropriate to the core clerkship student.

 IM Career Source

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