AAIM Call for Volunteers for Committees and Task Forces

The deadline to submit an application for  FY 2021 committees and task force submitted was Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Applicants are required to:

  • Be current members in good standing (i.e., your institution’s dues have been paid for FY 2021 membership no later than September 1).
  • Have maintained membership for at least three years.
  • Have attended at least two Alliance or association meetings in the last four years.
  • Respond promptly to requests for information and status emails; selected volunteers who do not respond to confirmation emails will lose their opportunity.
  • Understand that the Alliance is committed to providing more members more opportunities to serve. As a result, members may hold only one elected or appointed role per year; current council members are not permitted to apply to serve on committees and task forces unless they are willing to step down; committee members who served in FY 2020 are able to volunteer but are less likely to be selected or may be invited to serve for less than the full term to give other members an opportunity to participate.
  • Complete the application form—which asks three questions about interest and experience—no later than Wednesday, July 22. Uploading a CV or resume is optional. 

Committees and task forces accepting volunteers include:

Alliance Committees and Task Forces (Read charges)

  • AAIM Business of Medicine Initiative Task Force
  • AAIM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force
  • AAIM Faculty Development Initiative Task Force
  • AAIM Innovation Grants Committee
  • AAIM Medical Education Research Committee
  • AAIM Medical Education Learner Transitions Task Force
  • AAIM Physician-Scientist Initiative Committee
  • AAIM Research Committee

Program Planning Committees (Read charges)

  • AIM Program Planning Committee
  • APDIM Program Planning Committee
  • APDIM Program Administrators Program Planning Committee
  • APM Program Planning Committee
  • ASP Program Planning Committee
  • CDIM Program Planning Committee
  • CDIM Clerkship Administrators Program Planning Committee

Clerkship Administrator Committees (Read charges)

  • CDIM CA Professional Development Committee
  • CDIM CA Program Planning Committee
  • CDIM CA Survey and Scholarship Committee

Program Administrator Committees (Read charges)

  • APDIM PA Certification Committee
  • APDIM PA Member Services Committees
  • APDIM PA Program Planning Committee
  • APDIM PA Survey and Scholarship Committee 

To volunteer, please complete the brief online application, which consists of three open-text questions about your areas of interest, previous experience, and skills/knowledge/perspectives you bring to the volunteer service.  CV and resumes are not required but may be uploaded to the application, if desired. All applications must be submitted via the online form by Wednesday, July 22, at 11:59 p.m. EDT; emailed materials will not be accepted.

Committee Member Expectations

Individuals selected for committees and task forces are expected to:

  • Be able to serve a three-year term (committees) or a one-year term (task forces)
  • Abide by “Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations for AAIM Volunteer Leaders”
  • Attend bi-monthly (committees) or monthly (task forces) conference calls
  • Actively participate in discussions, including contributing ideas and volunteering to conduct the proposed work
  • Be willing to contact subject matter experts within and beyond their personal networks to assist the committee/task force or the Alliance
  • Understand that the Alliance name and logo may not be applied to papers, statements, recommendations, presentations, guidance, online materials, or other resources for members without explicit permission from AAIM
  • Understand the decisions and plans of the committee are subject to Alliance policies or approval and resourcing by the AAIM Board of Directors. 

Committee members are encouraged to register for and participate in Alliance in-person and virtual conferences.  No reimbursement for registration, housing, or travel is provided for committee members.