Call for Committee Nominations

FY 2022 Call for Volunteers: Committees

Note: The second of two calls for volunteers for FY 2022 committees and task forces closed September 29. For more information about committee service, please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or

The Coalition for Physician Accountability (CoPA) announced August 26 that it had accepted a report and 34 recommendations to improve the transition from medical school to residency. AAIM leaders have narrowed the recommendations to key priorities for the Alliance. To facilitate this work in FY 2022, AAIM will create seven one-year task forces to examine the related CoPA recommendation and develop the Alliance response/recommendations.

The Alliance seeks volunteers that represent the broad diversity of its membership, in terms of individual sex, race, gender identity, ethnicity, and sexual orientation as well as institution/program size, type, patient population, and location.  Administrators—business, education, or clinical—are particularly urged to volunteer to ensure that the Alliance recommendations are practical, actionable, and effective.

All applications to volunteer must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. EDT Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

Applicants are required to:

  • Be able to participate in monthly conference calls
  • Respond promptly to requests for information and status emails; selected volunteers who do not respond to confirmation emails will lose their opportunity.
  • Demonstrate interest and/or expertise in the task force focus via short answer questions on the online application form
  • Complete the application form no later than Wednesday, September 29. Uploading a CV or resume is optional.

Due to the short-term nature of the work and the expertise necessary, the usual criteria related to duration of membership and past meeting attendance has been lifted.

Individuals selected for task forces are expected to:

  • Be able to serve a one-year term.
  • Attend monthly conference calls; to ensure continuity of discussion and forward momentum on next steps, task force members must participate in at least 90% of the calls.
  • Be ready to actively participate in discussions, including contributing ideas and volunteering to conduct the proposed work, from Day 1
  • Be willing to contact subject matter experts within and beyond their personal networks to assist the task force or the Alliance
  • Understand that the Alliance name and logo may not be applied to papers, statements, recommendations, presentations, guidance, online materials, or other resources for members without explicit permission from AAIM
  • Understand that the work of the task force—developing recommendations—should be complete by September 30, 2022. Requests for task force extension or wholesale conversion to committee are unlikely to be granted.

Task force members are encouraged to register for and participate in Alliance in-person and virtual conferences. No reimbursement for registration, housing, or travel is provided for task force members.

Task forces accepting volunteers include:

  • AAIM Competencies Task Force
  • AAIM ERAS Filters Task Force
  • AAIM “Ideal State” Application Task Force
  • AAIM Interview Standards Task Force
  • AAIM Learner Handoff Standards Task Force
  • AAIM Program Attribute Definition Task Force
  • AAIM Structured Evaluative Letter Task Force

Review Task Force Charges

To volunteer, please complete the brief online application, which consists of three open-text questions about your areas of interest, previous experience, and skills/knowledge/perspectives you bring to the volunteer service. CV and resumes are not required but may be uploaded to the application, if desired. All applications must be submitted via the online form by Wednesday, September 29, at 11:59 p.m. EDT; emailed materials will not be accepted.