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Even Better Together.

Insight into our members’ experiences impacts policies and strategic planning across departments, across institutions.

Surveys and Data

Alliance member organizations conduct annual surveys to provide insight, recommend policy, and set benchmarks for departments of internal medicine in institutions across the country.

APDIM Surveys

APDIM launches an annual survey each August for completion by residency program director members. The annual survey is a step toward developing a longitudinal database on graduate medical education. APDIM also conducts a spring survey of program directors for more topical or time-driven issues. Data collected through the survey is used to shape organizational policies and initiatives, presented during Academic Internal Medicine Week, and analyzed for publication in medical journals. Summary data for annual surveys is available online for logged in members.

CDIM Surveys

CDIM launches an annual survey each September for completion by third-year clerkship director members. Survey responses are aggregated and identified for presentation at Academic Internal Medicine Week. The data members provide are essential to the organization’s policies, planning, and research. In addition, the data provides a platform for CDIM and its members to gain national recognition.

AIM Surveys

AIM and APM periodically conduct surveys about departmental metrics, such as salary or research infrastructure, and topical issues. Survey results are generally only available to chairs, chief administrative officers, and survey participants. Requests for survey reports from outside parties will be considered on an individual basis. To request past survey results, please email surveys@im.org.