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CDIM-SGIM Core Medicine Clerkship Curriculum

Version 3.0 addresses new issues that have emerged since the last guide was published and expands on areas from the previous version, including:
  • Updates of the clinical content.
  • Expansion of the description of prerequisites.
  • Alignment of the guide’s competencies with those instituted by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.
Download the Complete Core Medicine Clerkship Curriculum Guide (PDF)

Put the Curriculum in Your Pocket

The third version of the Core Medicine Clerkship Curriculum Pocket Guide is available from CDIM and Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM).  The pocket guide provides easy access to the two areas of the medicine clerkship curriculum: basic competencies and clinical training. It outlines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that medical students should be able to demonstrate upon completion of the core internal medicine clerkship in an easy to carry format.