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An Entrustable Professional Activity-Based Framework to Prepare Fourth-Year Medical Students for Internal Medicine Careers

 Available in the November 2017 issue of Journal of General Internal Medicine, the AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee developed a curricular framework to prepare students, based on five of AAMC core entrustable professsional activities for entering residency.  The critical areas outlined include entering orders, forming and answering clinical questions, conducting patient care handovers, collaborating interprofessionally, and recognizing patients requiring urgent care and initiating that care. Minimizing the competing demands of the transitional phase of the fourth year and defining these important elements will ensure new residents can function safely and competently in supervised postgraduate settings.

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AAIM Endorses Uniform Letters of Recommendations for Fellowship

AAIM has endorsed new standards for program director letters of recommendation (LOR) for fellowship applicants. These guidelines seek to improve reliability and efficiency through standardization, while continuing to allow advocacy and discussion of applicant characteristics. Developed by the APDIM Council, the ASP Council, and the AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee, they reflect efforts to overcome challenges of the current LOR variation in terminology, length, interpretation, and meaningful comparison. The guidelines were published in the May AAIM Perspectives in The American Journal of Medicine.

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AAIM Connection— A Weekly Newsletter

AAIM Connection brings the latest industry news and updates on Alliance initiatives to AAIM’s more than 10,000 leaders, faculty, staff, and learners. To suggest an item for AAIM Connection, please send a 100-word announcement to publications@im.org.

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Committee News

AAIM committees continue to work on critical issues that affect the organization and profession. AAIM and each membership organization maintain actively involved committees, task forces, and work groups committed to core focus areas of AAIM.  

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