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Chief Residents

APDIM Chief Residents Program

APDIM is proud to offer a year-long program for chief medical residents. Beginning with the APDIM Chief Residents Meeting, the association strives to provide information and resources to chief medical residents that will enhance and improve the chief residency year.

Chief Residents Meeting

Every spring, APDIM offers a two-day meeting for incoming chief medical residents. This meeting introduces chiefs to the world of academic internal medicine and orients them to the challenges they will face in the upcoming year. A mix of large group plenary sessions and small, hands-on workshops provide chiefs access to information about leadership and teaching skills, professionalism, and management issues. It is also an opportunity to meet other chief medical residents and network with program directors and program administrators.

Save the Date! Academic Internal Medicine Week 2018 is March 18-22, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. 

Networking and Discussion Forum

As part of the APDIM Chief Residents Program current chief residents have access to an online community that provides valuable opportunities for chief residents to communicate and network with each other throughout the year, including a threaded discussion forum.

First time user? Please use the email address you provided to the AAIM office and use the "Forget Password?" link to set a password. If you have questions about accessing AAIM Connect, please contact memberservices@im.org.


Chief residents will recieve a one-year subscription to AAIM Connection, a weekly email publication, and a.quarterly magazine Academic Internal Medicine Insight.

TCMR, 23rd Edition

tcmr 21 cover.JPG

The 23rd edition of The Toolkit Series: A Textbook for Today's Chief Medical Resident is currently available. Order your copy today or if you're enrolled in the APDIM Chief Residents Program, you can view this book online in the chief resident online community!

2018 Chief Residents Program

APDIM offers a free, year-long program for chief medical residents each fiscal year.

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PA Partnership

The Chief Resident-Program Administrator Partnership "A number of administrative challenges affect both the chief resident and program administrator and these areas are where effective collaboration between the chief resident and program administrator are particularly important."

IM Career Source

IM Career Source is available to connect employers and job seekers. This service is designed to assist AAIM members and others in the academic internal medicine community with recruitment activities and employment opportunities.