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The unique composition of our members provides an unparalleled perspective of academic internal medicine through Alliance publications.

Academic Internal Medicine Insight

Insight is the quarterly publication of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine.  It covers a variety of issues from current research to faculty development, updates from key AAIM leaders, interviews with experts, and policy news. A print copy is distributed to more than 10,000 individuals in academic internal medicine. If you are not receiving Insight, please check with your institution’s mailroom before you contact publications@im.org.

Volume 15, Issue 3

Download the current issue of Insight (PDF)

Featured In This Issue

  • Use of Student-Generated Questions and Audience Response Systems Improves Student Perceptions of Internal Medicine Interactive Lectures
    Nathan M. Anderson, MD, and David V. O’Dell, MD

  • Formally Assessing SBP-2 in a Fellowship Program 
    Brandi Reeves, MD, Fiona Cunningham, Thomas G. Knight, MD, Tomohiro F. Nishijima, MD, Damon Houghton, MD, and Frances A. Collichio, MD

  • Beefing Up the Acting Internship: A Pilot Project Adding Structure in an Unstructured Environment
    Adam M. Garber, MD, FACP, Lindsey Hall, MPH, Stephanie Goldberg, MD, FACS

  • Managing from the Middle: A Survey of Chief Medical Resident Perceptions of Leadership Skills
    Sarah B. Merriam, MD, MS, Jennifer A. Corbelli, MD, MS, Scott D. Rothenberger, PhD,
    Kwanho Jeong, MS, and Shanta Zimmer, MD

  • Point: Pass/Fail Grading Is Superior to Letter or Numerical Grading for Medical School Courses
    K. Ramsey McGowen, PhD

  • Counterpoint: Pass/Fail Grading Is Superior to Letter or Numerical Grading for Medical School Courses
    Stephen A. Geraci, MD

  • Resilience among Senior Residents: An Initial Characterization of Difficult Clinical Events and Resilience
    Michelle T. Martinchek, MD, MPH, Amber-Nicole Bird, MD, and Amber T. Pincavage, MD

  • Collective Wisdom: Assigning Honors Grades in a Multi-Site Internal Medicine Clerkship through Team Calibration
    Cindy J. Lai, MD, Tal Ann Ziv, MD, Margaret Wheeler, MD, Steven Stolz, MD, and Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD

Goodbye Print—Hello, Partnership!

The AAIM Board of Directors spent most of its June 2017 meeting discussing how best to align resources to provide a growing number of members as many products, projects, tools, and volunteer opportunities as possible without overly taxing the wallets of institutional or individual members. The realignment decisions are the end product of an almost-year long process to assess key “business lines” for member interest/engagement, profitability, and resource utilization. The association councils participated in a “ranking” exercise of over 30 key activities in March that heavily influenced the board discussion and decisions. As a result of this work, one of the biggest changes is that the Alliance will completely cease producing print publications by the end of FY 2018.
Publishing (print and digital) is a key area that requires significant resources, in terms of content expertise, editorial management, print and digital production, marketing, sales, and distribution as well as the staff and infrastructure to support those functions. Instead of managing such efforts internally, AAIM will seek opportunities to partner with entities that have existing infrastructure to support print and digital publications, such as magazines and textbooks. To that end, Academic Internal Medicine Insight will end with this issue; after June 2018, future editions of internally produced textbooks will be developed in other venues. AAIM will continue its existing relationship with The American Journal of Medicine to produce AAIM Perspectives.
The AAIM Board of Directors thanks the editorial board members and authors for their past efforts as well as appreciates member support of print publications. The board welcomes feedback at AAIM@im.org on other venues and potential partnerships to share the expertise of Alliance members in the print and digital format.