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Brand new!  The 11th edition is now available!

The Toolkit Series: A Textbook for  Internal Medicine Education Programs is a valuable resource for tackling common problems encountered in the administration of internal medicine education programs by residency, fellowship, and clerkship directors; division chiefs; department chairs and chiefs; and the administrators of residency and fellowship programs. The 11th edition includes more than 45 chapters--five all-new chapters as well as 40 updated--by expert faculty and staff in departments of internal medicine.

New chapters include:

  • Understanding American Graduate Medical Education
  • Balancing Faculty Scholarship and Career Development with Clinical Practice
  • From Competency Committee to Remediation and Beyond: Remediation Challenges in the Non-Cognitive Competencies
  • Residents with Disabilities
  • Safe and Sustainable Workflow:  SBARing Duty Hours

View table of contents (PDF)

This book can be purchased on Amazon in print or e-book formats. 

Discounts are available for bulk orders (more than 10 copies).  Please contact for more information.

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