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Each society has its own application requirements. Please visit the subspecialty society site to review the application process.  The flowchart provides an overview of the interactions of an applicant among the society, ASP, and NIA.

Letters of Intent
Early career physicians interested in applying for support from the T. Franklin Williams Scholars program are strongly recommended to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to ASP and the subspecialty society he/she intends to petition for funding at the time of submitting their GEMSSTAR application. The LOI must include the applicant’s name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address, a statement of intent to submit an application to the T. Franklin Williams Scholars program, a brief description of the professional development objectives, and a curriculum vitae.

Applicants are responsible for notifying the sponsor society of NIA’s decision of whether they should submit their PDP. If NIA has requested a PDP, then applicants are eligible to submit an application to a sponsoring society. Applications must include documentation of NIA’s request for a PDP and meet the submission requirements and deadlines that are specific to the sponsor society. The sponsoring society will notify the applicant of their eligibility to receive the T. Franklin Williams Scholars Award.

Once they have learned their T. Franklin Williams Scholars Award eligibility status, applicants must notify NIA. Documentation of the applicant’s eligibility for professional development funding must be submitted to NIA before the GEMSSTAR can be awarded. In turn, applicants must provide the sponsor society of proof that they have received a GEMSSTAR award in order to receive T. Franklin Williams Scholar funding.

Review the flowchart of GEMSSTAR and Williams Scholar grants application process.


 For More Information

For information about specific society grants, please review the list of sponsor society contacts.

For general information, please contact Grants Coordinator Kelly Middleton.

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