Networking Opportunities

Even more important than what you learn at #AIMW23 is who you meet! Academic internal medicine is a huge endeavor, and having a strong network of like-minded colleagues from similar institutions across the country aids effectiveness, innovation, and satisfaction. Come back to this page to learn more about content and opportunities as the agendas are updated through the winter!

Start Today! 

Follow the conference on Alliance social media and use the meeting hashtag #AIMW23  

At the Meeting 

While you are in Austin, use the content and conference features to find the people who want to share ideas and challenges like yours. Be sure to look for: 

  • Special Interest Group Meetings 
  • Assembly Meetings 
  • Attendee Directory in the AIMW23 App 
  • Open Forums 
  • Badge Ribbons 
  • Visit the AAIM Member Center in the Exhibit Hall, it is always packed with people 

More of an Introvert?

It’s sometimes hard for introverts and first-time attendees to build networks, but Alliance members are some of the nicest people around! Don’t forget: 

  • Smile and make eye contact 
  • Don’t retreat in your hotel room during breaks, receptions, and meals-those are great opportunities to meet people 
  • Introduce yourself to the people around you; if you’re in the same workshop, you probably already have something in common 
  • Business cards never hurt, but you can also use the conference app to “ping” people

Extroverts Can Be Champions for Others 

Already have a strong network and lots of friends? Here are some tips to make sure that you keep the circle open: 

  • When standing with peers, leave a space open for others to join 
  • Look around for someone standing alone and introduce yourself 
  • Smile and make eye contact 
  • Look for the First Time Attendee ribbon and say hello 

After the Conference

  • Say thank you
    • Thank those who made attendance possible
  • Update your CV or resume
    • Add presentations, meeting attendance, and/or volunteer activities to your curriculum vitae
  • Highlight your conference achievements
    • Share presentations and photographs with colleagues and your home institution
  • Follow up with new colleagues
    • Send follow-up emails to colleagues whose business cards you collected
  • Identify potential opportunities for collaboration

Plan next Steps

  • Revise existing goals and plan for future learning and meeting attendance
  • Consider publication opportunities
  • Consider volunteering or becoming more involved with the Alliance

Some of this material was sourced from: Joslyn W. Fisher, Barbara W. Trautner; Maximizing the Academic Conference Experience: Tips for Your Career Toolkit. J Grad Med Educ 1 April 2022; 14 (2): 144–148. doi: