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Scholarship Pearls

Welcome to Scholarship Pearls brought to you by the CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee. These brief, peer-reviewed faculty development online modules are designed to help members in their scholarship pursuits. Feel free to use and share with your colleagues. The CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee will develop additional modules.

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Key Components of Survey Design

Jeffrey La Rochelle, MD

In this narrated PowerPoint presentation, the author reviews key components of survey design. Please be sure to have sound turned on for best viewing.

Poster Presentations: Putting Together a Poster with Pizazz

Keri T. Holmes-Maybank, MD and Deborah DeWaay, MD

In this 8:40 minute PowerPoint video, the presenters discuss poster design for research and innovations abstracts.

Submitting a Workshop Proposal

Leigh Simmons, MD

This unnarrated PowerPoint presentation reviews how to submit a workshop proposal for a medical meeting.

Journal Peer Review

Katherine Chretien, MD

This 6:45 minute video explains the elements of a helpful journal peer review from the perspective of an associate editor of a medical education journal.