Primary Care Track Toolkit

AAIM Introduces Primary Care Track Toolkit

The AAIM Primary Care Track Toolkit is a practical evidence-based curriculum for medical educators interested in starting or enhancing primary care tracks in their residency programs. Developed by the APDIM Primary Care Forum, its chapters include:  

  • How Does a Primary Care Track Differ from a Categorical Track?
  • Exposure to Varied Primary Care Experiences
  • Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Curriculum
  • Creating a Home Visit Curriculum
  • Opioid Education Strategy                          
  • Logistics of Starting a New Internal Medicine- Primary Care Program
  • Creative Scheduling
  • Teaching Chronic Disease Management
  • Advocacy Curricula
  • Quality Improvement Curriculum
  • Chronic Pain Management Curriculum         

The Alliance welcomes your feedback on how to improve upon this version of the curriculum. For questions or comments, feel free to reach out at

Download the Primary Care Track Toolkit