Curated Milestones Evaluation Exhibit

Milestone-Based Self-Evaluation

Beth Barron, MD
Columbia University School of Medicine

Program Size:  More than 101 residents
Program Type:  University-Based
Clinical Setting: Self-Evaluation


This self evaluation is administered yearly to all residents in preparation for their end of the year key faculty advisor review. It is used to help the residents formulate a plan for improvement for the coming year and compared to milestone assessments by attendings and peers for discussion about any discrepancies.

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Programatic level discussion to identify the values we would like to emphasize to our learners as areas of self reflection and improvement. We attempt to cover areas within multiple competencies.

Lessons Learned

Residents need some framework before attempting this evaluation. Without this they are concerned about the ramifications as well as confused by its intent. The evaluation should be used only for formative assessement. Its focus is primarily on guiding the residents in a self reflection of their clinical skills and attitudes with the intention of planning for improvement in the coming year.

Faculty Development and Training

Faculty development should be done with the key faculty advisiors who are responsible for oversight of the resident's progress.

  • Mentoring of residents with poor self reflection (both learners who over estimate as well as under estimate their skills)
  • Planning with residents on how to address areas of self identified deficiencies

How Used to Inform Decisions about a Learner's Milestones

  • Used to help learners use the milestones for their own planning of self improvement
  • Used to compare to other data points regarding milestones for calibration

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