CDIM Surveys

Guidelines for Submitting Questions

CDIM welcomes all of its members to contribute items to the Annual Survey of Clerkship Directors. CDIM has been surveying its members since 1999. This effort has resulted in educational scholarship and generalizable knowledge about internal medicine clerkships in U.S. medical schools.

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Focus of Questions

Questions appropriate for the CDIM Annual Survey are those relevant to and viewed as essential to CDIM and its members to inform policy, provide information for strategic planning within the organization, enhance research, and provide a platform for CDIM to gain national recognition with other organizations.

CDIM Survey Authorship

Using the questionnaire submission form, authors must submit questions by the deadline to be considered for inclusion in the following year’s survey.

Members submitting questions for the incoming CDIM Annual Survey are encouraged to review past CDIM Survey Data and or CDIM Survey Publications.

The CDIM Annual Survey undergoes a rigorous process of editing, piloting, and feedback to maximize future success of each section. One of the primary goals of the Survey and Scholarship Committee is to assist CDIM members in achieving educational scholarship, and we utilize the items submitted to the Annual Survey to help accomplish this goal.

If your items are accepted for inclusion in the CDIM Annual Survey, a small team of Survey and Scholarship Committee members will be assigned to work on your section, and a committee member with experience in survey research/methodology will serve as the “section lead.” The section team will provide assistance in refining your items, following up with survey nonrespondents, acquiring data, and performing an initial descriptive analysis of the data. After receiving the data from your items, the section lead will be available to help with further data analysis and drafting of a manuscript in addition to providing input on appropriate journal selection to submit for successful publication. It is the goal of the committee to publish the data from each section of the Annual Survey in a timely manner, and we expect primary authors of items to have a draft manuscript within six months of receiving their data from the Annual Survey.

Although the Annual Survey is submitted each year for exemption from full review by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), AAIM Surveys staff will notify authors about any additional exemptions they might need to seek from their local IRB. Extenuating circumstances can delay the development of a manuscript in a timely manner, and the section leads are prepared to provide assistance to primary authors to help move a manuscript forward for publication. However, if a draft manuscript has not been accomplished within 12 months of receiving their survey data, then the section lead may step in as a primary author to move a manuscript towards publication.

Based on the guidance provided by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) on authorship, the Survey and Scholarship Committee section leads would meet criteria for authorship based on their contributions to design and acquisition of data should they be involved in 1) later drafting and/or revising the manuscript; and 2) final approval of the manuscript for publication. Occasionally there may also be additional committee members who have played pivotal roles in specific sections that may also be nominated for authorship by the Survey and Scholarship Committee Chair.

Authors who submit question sections are required to digitally sign an acknowledgment of these CDIM Annual Survey Guidelines at three points, to ensure that they are aware of the expectations set for them: 1. upon submitting their section; 2. after a section is accepted for inclusion in a survey (if it is accepted), with authors having to sign the form within one week after being notified of acceptance; and 3. after their data file and summary results. 

CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee

The Committee and Committee Chair (with support from AAIM Surveys staff) have the following roles:

  • Oversees survey submission, selection, editing, piloting, and data collection processes; submits finished survey to his/her IRB for approval or exemption; seeks review and edits from Council; makes calls to nonrespondents; reviews and cleans data for distribution to section leads and authors. For these contributions, we ask that the CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee be named in the manuscript "Acknowledgements," unless they have contributed enough to a particular section to merit full authorship.
  • Provides the corresponding survey data and a start to the methods section to survey contributing authors at or shortly before the annual CDIM meeting.
  • To ensure data integrity and confidentiality of responses, as well as file version control and best practices for data cleaning and data management, the survey data master files will be housed by AAIM Surveys. This will also allow for the archiving and backing up of such files and data.

The committee sends a note to survey contributing authors to suggest that they have six months to draft a manuscript describing the findings. The CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee reserves the right to take the lead on manuscript preparation if, after a reasonable length of time, the question author does not make progress in doing so.

The CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee Chair, Vice-Chair, survey writing team committee members, and AAIM Surveys staff are available to help authors with manuscript preparation, to answer questions about the data, or to address other questions pertaining to survey findings or interpretation. AAIM Surveys staff will prepare appropriate electronic files for CDIM Survey datasets, such as codebooks and, of course, de-identified datasets in a file format suitable for authors. The Committee encourages survey writing teams to consider early on whether they will need data analysis support. AAIM Surveys staff can provide guidance, but due to competing responsibilities, staff must focus on the extensive survey administration, data cleaning, and summary results reporting aspect of the survey process.

The CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee:

  • Can provide help in accessing and retrieving previous CDIM survey results that may be relevant and/or related to current survey findings helpful in manuscript preparation.
  • Through survey writing team, makes every attempt to meet with survey contributing authors at the annual CDIM meeting to discuss manuscript preparation.
  • Will provide feedback to the authors whose questions were not included in the survey.
  • Should inform authors in late May about the about acceptance or rejection of items submission. All authors of questions should be notified by this time.


Requirements and Standards

The call for 2019 CDIM Annual Survey submissions is open. CDIM members interested in submitting questions for inclusion in the Annual Survey must complete a submission form.

The CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee gives first priority to questions of greatest importance to CDIM and its membership.

As a guide, each section of the CDIM survey should contain no more than 15–20 questions.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 15 at 11PM EDT.

After reviewing the guidelines on this page, begin the submission process.